Ruby Wang

Music Is Life

Where words fail,

music speaks...

Music is a universal language. It permeates lives and is used throughout our everyday experiences, be it feelings, moods, energy levels, or memories. Music helps create new experiences as well as conjure up powerful memories. It is often used for atmospheric purposes, from movie soundtracks to mundane daily tasks such as cleaning, dancing, exercising, sleeping, driving, to important life events. The significant effects of music greatly enhance our living and learning without us even realizing. From the beginning of time, music has remained as a powerful constant for personal expression.

The study of music will impact a person in every facet of life and enrich his/her life with joy and self-expression. It not only helps one emote feelings and release tension but more importantly, it reinforces cognitive learning as it improves concentration, heightens awareness and attention to details, strengthens problem-solving skills, fortifies memory, develops self-confidence, teaches patience and persistence, inspires short- and long-term goals, and enhances academic achievement and life-long success. The craftsmanship of playing the piano not only cultivates finger dexterity and independence of the hands, it also sets the foundation of learning all other instruments and understanding music theory with more ease.

Making music is a joy and privilege; to attain the highest level of artistry and mastery is a never-ending journey. I aim to instill an appreciation for music and piano-playing in the minds and hearts of the young generation. I would enjoy the opportunity to be a part of your, and/or your child/ren’s musical lives.

​Lessons are offered weekly, or bi-weekly depending on student needs. Lesson duration may range anywhere from 30-, 45-, 60-, 75- to 90-minute or longer sessions. Please contact me for more details and to set up an audition time.

"To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable!" - Ludwig van Beethoven